Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping and handling 

Q: Can you email the plans?

A: No, our plans are on paper. Because of copyright we do not have them in digital format. 

Q: How do you mail your plans?

A: Most of our plans mail within one working day with USPS. Allow 4-8 days for delivery within the U.S. and 10-18 day for locations outside the USA.

 About project plans

Q: Does your product come with lumber and hardware?

A: No, our product is for plans (instructions) on paper how to/do-it-yourself only, the material to build it purchased separately.

Q: Do you make custom plans?

A: No, we do not make any custom plans this time.

Q: Can plans be modified to meet user’s requirements?

A: We do not make any modifications. Minor modifications are allowed to be made by the customer.  We send a master drawing with each package to allow marked up plans.  

Q: How much doe it cost to build a shed?

A: The average cost of materials to build storage sheds in the United States is about $8.25 per sq. ft. This is a very average cost, which can easily vary by about 25% or more depending on the actual location, current pricing, size, style, options, and site conditions.

Q: Can I summit your plans to city for permit?

A: Yes, you can summit our plans to city for permit.

Q: Is your plans meet my local code?

A: All of our plans should meet or exceed the International
Residential Code. Due to the fact that codes vary from state
to state, and even from county to county, it will be up to your
builder to verify compliance with your local codes, regulations,
and requirements.

* If you still have questions, please consult the page for more info and my contact information.